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Zodiac Pisces

Pisces Characteristics – Overview

  • Vedic name: मीन (Meen)
  • Symbol: Two fishes having their mouth and tails joined
  • Ruling Planet: Jupiter – बृहस्पति
  • Element: Water
  • Character: Dual (neither movable nor immovable)
  • Direction: North
  • Sex: Female
  • Caste: Brahmin
  • Nature: Soft
  • Part of KaalPurush: Feet
  • Rashi Gem: Yellow Sapphire – Pukhraj (पुखराज)
  • Favorable Color: Yellow
  • Auspicious Days: Thursday
  • Favorable Deity: Vishnu
  • Fasting Day: Thursday
  • Favorable Number: Three
  • Favorable Dates: 3-12-21-30
  • Friendly Sign: Cancer, Scorpio
  • Enemy Sign: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Specific Personality: Spiritual, Sentimental & Studious
  • Good Attitude: Humility, generosity, imaginative
  • Negative Attitude: Impatience, carelessness, fickle- mindedness

Pisces Physical & Mental Traits

Pisces Physical Mental Characteristics Zodiac Sign

Pisces sign is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of knowledge and discretion. Hence, its natives have much administrative acumen and tact of high order. Jupiter is also a planet of religious faith and spiritualism and by nature magnanimous but also emotional.

The people of this sign are healthy and good-looking with an air of soft-dignity always surrounding them. They are intelligent and scholarly capable of having new and original ideas which often influence the persons of their society. They long to enjoy physical comforts and affluence and feel delighted on getting such opportunities. They invariably have many sources of income, and hence economically they are strong. Along with wealth, they also possess a thoughtful and studious mind.

Beholding the scenes of natural beauty they experience peace and satisfaction. In love field though they appear to be simple and emotional, they are quite practical as well. So, they acquire success in worldly sense as well. Their interest lies in creating new things in which they do contribute in a major way.

So, owing to the lord Jupiter’s influence you shall be healthy and sturdy with an attractive personality and very sharp brain to influence others. You may acquire knowledge in various disciplines to earn a social reputation as being an erudite scholar. You will be interested in physical as well as metaphysical aspects of life.

Jupiter is believed to be the divine priest. Such people (of Pisces) are fair complexioned with an aureole shine, eyes attractive like that of the fish, broad forehead, well-filled-up face and with tall stature. This sign, Pisces, is stronger during the day time with predominance of water element and is a Sattvik sign.

Pisces Career And Finance

Pisces Career

The symbol of Pisces is two head-tail joined fish’. Your trading water products like salt, diamond, gems and jewels across the seas may give you good money. Your fortune can also rise with excessive influence of women in your deals.

Pisces Friends And Family

Friends & Family

Friends – If you are looking for the best of friends than Pisces is the sign for you. They put their friends first. They are extremely faithful, devout, caring and would go to any distance to help their friends and family. They are very instinctive sensing things even before it happens. Pisces is ardent and evocative and can communicate their emotions with people around them. They expect everyone be expressive as they are. They like to be very expressive with their loved ones.

You always get good cooperation and help from your friends and colleagues. You will earn enough affluence to lead a happy life. However, your true friends will be very few. If a friend of yours turns into a foe, be always careful as that fellow can damage you.

Family – You shall be eminently respectful to your parents and ever willing to render them devoted service. After 32 years, you may get a child. Endowed with an able progeny you shall get enough respect from your children. Among the kith and kin, you will be an honored figure.

Pisces Love Life

Love life

Finding love will be hard for you but when you do you expect complete loyalty and vice versa. You will be very dedicated to your partner.

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