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Zodiac Libra

Libra Characteristics – Overview

  • Vedic name: तुला (Tula)
  • Symbol: The Scale
  • Ruling Planet: Venus – शुक्र
  • Element: Air
  • Character: Movable
  • Direction: West
  • Sex: Male
  • Caste: Shudra
  • Nature: Cruel
  • Part of KaalPurush: Genitals
  • Rashi Gem: Diamond – Heera (हीरा)
  • Favorable Color: White
  • Auspicious Days: Friday
  • Favorable Deity: Lakshmi – Santoshi Mata
  • Fasting Day: Friday
  • Favorable Number: Six
  • Favorable Dates: 6-15-24
  • Friendly Sign: Gemini, Cancer, Aquarius & Capricorn
  • Enemy Sign: Leo
  • Specific Personality: Mastermind, Research-prone attitude
  • Good Attitude: Impressive voice, Self-confidence
  • Negative Attitude: Envious, Proud & Cunning

Libra Physical & Mental Traits

Libra Physical Mental Characteristics Zodiac Sign

Ruler of Libra is Venus, the planet of glamour and beauty. Such natives have the ability to strike balance within the negative and positive attribution.

The symbol of this sign is the balance. The balance weighs two things to determine which is heavier. That is why the people of this sign are experts in weighing the pros and cons of any issue.

Libra is a masculine sign and believed to be a cruel one. Normally, Libras are very healthy and handsome/beautiful persons, and able to influence others by their personality. With high sense of humor they have great affection for kids. They are naturally attracted towards aesthetically good-looking persons or scenery. They generally detest giving trouble to anyone and treat everyone at par. So they acquire an important position in any society.

Libra Career And Finance


Since the balance is related to business, such people are very practical persons and generally succeed in business. You can also succeed in political arena. If in your horoscope Venus is well placed, you can also be a good cinema actor or actress. They are inherently drawn towards art and they earn their living through artistic pursuits. Since they are expert in formulating policy, in politics they quickly become leaders, though they are not committed to any ideology. They also abhor discrimination of any kind. Hence they influence the people in their work field as well.

Of course, they can formulate any principle to get much fame out of it. You will be an intelligent person and do your job with tact and prudence to get desired success in various endeavors. Libra is a movable sign, with dominance of air element, it rules western side. Though they have a nature resembling with Taurus sign people, the Libras are thoughtful, knowledgeable, deft workers, good editors and politicians. Tolerant by nature such people do their work patiently and get success gradually. They occasionally earn good money in their dealing with the government and its high officials.

With the result, by your tact, prudence and hard work you will be able to achieve all your needs in life comfortably. People will honor you and your fame will spread far and wide. You will travel but sea voyages may not prove much beneficial to you.

Libra Friends And Family

Friends & Family

Friends – People born in the sign Libra are extremely social and put their friends in the focus of public attention. They set their expectations a bit too high and opt for friends that satisfy their ego and makes them look superior. They cannot reach a conclusion with clear motive and thus this effect their decisions.

If their friends show interest in taking responsibilities upon themselves then they become life long friends. They can easily explain any problem with a different perspective, explain their mindset while speaking about quarrels with others. You will also remain an important and honorable member of your friends’ circle with whom you will derive due advantage occasionally. The Libra with their attractive personality, they draw people towards them owing to their very refined sense of humor. They detest somber and gloomy faces.

Family – Libra representatives knowingly and unknowingly put the blame on other family members and do not accept their guilt easily. They love peace and harmony and hence in order to avoid any quarrel or dispute they would often agree with their parents and siblings, if they sense a challenging situation they would run away in order to avoid it. In order to know themselves better they like to be left alone and search inward to find answers.

After marriage some significant changes may come into your life. They can become good parents if they keep focused, they are good role model for their kids and shares good deal of knowledge with them. They will naturally love beautiful natural scene and have a special corner in their hearts for their children.

Love Life

Love life

Venus is the planet of affluence and sensual pleasures. Fair complexioned, medium statures with a charming face are this sign people’s physical characteristics.

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