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Zodiac Leo

Leo Characteristics – Overview

  • Vedic name: सिंह (Singh)
  • Symbol: The Lion
  • Ruling Planet: Sun – सुर्य देव
  • Element: Fiery Sign
  • Character: Immovable
  • Direction: East
  • Sex: Male
  • Caste: Kshatriya
  • Nature: Cruel
  • Part of KaalPurush: Heart
  • Rashi Gem: Ruby
  • Favorable Color: Rose
  • Auspicious Days: Sunday
  • Favorable Deity: Sun
  • Fasting Day: Sunday & Wednesday
  • Favorable Number: One
  • Favorable Dates: 1-10-19-28
  • Friendly Sign: Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius
  • Enemy Sign: Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius
  • Specific Personality: Lust of Power, ambitious, brave
  • Good Attitude: Dynamic, generous, warm and loving
  • Negative Attitude: Overconfident, egoistic, violent

Leo Physical & Mental Traits

Leo Physical Mental Characteristics Zodiac Sign

Owing to Leo being owned by the king of the planets, Sun, it bestows a shine of manly authority and hence its people are fearless, large-hearted and a little proud or arrogant persons. They are strong, courageous yet patient people. Since the Sun represents the soul force, these people are invariably self- confident.

Even in the worst circumstances they never say die. Owing to their self-confidence and determination they achieve their desired objectives in life. They are generally endowed with all physical comforts and lead a happy and comfortable life. They are generally men of principles and would go to any extent to uphold their principles. They are religious by nature and often indulge in charity. They are very reliable persons.

The Leo have attractive personality to attract others. Their trait is rendering all work fearlessly and openly. Being endowed with a magnanimous heart, they are also affectionate by nature. They earn success by dint of their hard work and merit and detest back-door route to success.

They also possess a sturdy physique and discharge their worldly duties efficiently. Drawn to the traditional art and science they love yoga and other classical disciplines. They have quite a serious approach towards life and do their work with conviction and an air of finality.

Leo Career And Finance

Leo Career

Leo is a quadruped, ‘Sheershadaya’ and daytime strong sign. At night their energy level is low. They detest serving as subordinates. Their weakness is becoming autocratic, and in business deals they would like to keep their partner rather suppressed. Their inborn quality is the tendency to dominate.

Leo Friends And Family

Friends & Family

Friends – Leo is magnanimous, and a true faithful friend. They have a prominent personality and are dedicated to personal values. They are always eager to lend a helping hand to others, they will dedicate themselves physically and emotionally to help someone. Robust and faithful, they are always the center of attraction and likes to be surrounded by people who brings out the best in them. They have high self-esteem and are never alone, they like communicating. Finding equally energetic friends who can keep up with them could be troublesome. They always like to interact with people.

Leo is a fiery and masculine sign. Though they are liberal, they never allow anyone to challenge their authority. Then they turn quite vindictive and would be barred by nothing to settle scores with their opponents. Their enemies never cast a direct blow on them due to their awe but tend to backbite them and stab in the back. But the Leo should avoid sycophants’ company.

Family – Family isn’t on their top priority. They dedicate time to themselves and would become independent quite early in life. But full of valor they go to any extent to protect their loved ones. They feel pride in representing their lineage and would safeguard family roots.

Love Life

Love life

Leo is a Fire sign, thus it is very amorous and honest. This Zodiac sign can convey their feelings with great ease and lucidity. Leo’s are always magnanimous, loyal and subservient towards their partners and loved ones. They always like to keep a fun filled atmosphere while attending their loved ones. Like a Lion, Leo’s are natuarally leaders and would always prefer self dependence and are resourceful and don’t tend to rely on their lover or life partner. This at times may become troublesome for their partners, especially when they begin enforcing their ideas or managing things they are not suppose to. Who is a satisfactory partner for Leo? Individual who has conscious knowledge of one’s character and feelings, rational and on the same intellectual level. Their partner(s) should stand their ground.

As mentioned above Leo’s are amorous, adventurous, funny and are very dynamic. This defines sex life of every individual born under the Zodiac Leo. Leo’s have the ability draw the line between sex and love.

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