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Zodiac Gemini

Gemini Characteristics – Overview

  • Vedic name: मिथुन (Mithun)
  • Symbol: The Twins (Male & Female)
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury – बुध
  • Element: Air
  • Character: Dual attitude
  • Direction: West
  • Sex: Male (Childhood)
  • Caste: Shudra
  • Nature: Cruel
  • Part of KaalPurush: Shoulder
  • Rashi Gem: Emerald – Panna (पन्ना)
  • Favorable Color: Green
  • Auspicious Days: Wednesday
  • Favorable Deity: Ganpati
  • Fasting Day: Wednesday
  • Favorable Number: Five
  • Favorable Dates: 5-14-23
  • Friendly Sign: Aries, Leo, Libra, Virgo, Aquarius
  • Enemy Sign: Cancer
  • Specific Personality: Witty, Fearless
  • Good Attitude: Humane and kind
  • Negative Attitude: Self-centered, prejudiced

Gemini Physical & Mental Traits

Gemini Physical Mental Characteristics Zodiac Sign

The people of this sign, Gemini, are generally modest, liberal and jovial and their intelligence reflects from their face. They are self-respecting and endowed with much physical comforts and affluence.

Since they are the people of the dual sign, they are able to see all the aspects of any issue and take their steps after weighing all the pros and cons judiciously. This sign, Gemini, gets strength during daytime, has limited progeny and a lax body. Such people rarely lose their temper and they maintain a solemn and serious composure. Even when they get angry they quickly calm down and repent for losing their temper. The identification mark of this sign is a man-woman couple with the sign of a ‘mace and a lute’.

Mercury is the nearest planet to the sun. Sometimes it is seen as rising and then setting with the sun. Generally, such people have sallow complexion. Mercury, the owner of this sign, gets influenced by the planet it is associated with or aspect-ed by. That influence shows in the person’s complexion and characteristics as well.

They are contented, quiet, large-hearted persons given to cracking humor occasionally and erudite scholars. Theirs will be a happy and contented existence.

Gemini Career And Finance


With their wit and the ‘gift of gab’ they soon become the center of attraction. With will be particularly active in music and arts. With little efforts they can earn good name and fame in such fields. Writing, mathematics, editing and trade will be their forte. With these qualities they often succeed in establishing themselves as a reputed and respected person of the society.

They do their work prudently and methodically. They maintain good contact with the govt. and senior officials. Interested in music, arts and literature, they are able to maintain their chosen principles and values of life. They generally succeed in the field of mathematics and in editorial jobs. They normally maintain good health with high mental capabilities and succeed in discharging their worldly duties. With their own effort they achieve all worldly objectives successfully and lead an affluent life.

They have greater leanings towards business ‘and through business they will be famous and rich. From time to time they exhibit their interest also in music and arts. Endowed with worldly affluence, generally they lead a happy and fulfilled life.

Gemini Friends And Family

Gemini Friends & Family

Friends – People born in the sign Gemini tends to be very talkative and want to be friends with determined people with a strong will. They love to be around friends and family, particularly its younger members. If their friends or acquaintance aren’t clear with their words, they quickly loose interest in the subject. They wants to always move forward with mutual understandings. For friends they will be fully loyal who shall directly or indirectly help them in their related job.

Family – Those born in this sign are always good parents, they love their children a lot. They always establish a strong bond with their children. They have very high expectations from their partners (not spouse) but maintain a calm and humble outlook when its about their family and home. Even though being responsible would always be challenging task for them, they complete their duties just right.

Gemini Love Life

Love life

A bad company makes them vile but a good one can also make them noble. They are prone to falling into others’ influence this is their greatest weakness. Gemini, gets strength during daytime, has limited progeny and a lax body.

Their personality will be influential with a sweet voice. With their wit and the ‘gift of gab’ they soon become the center of attraction. Gemini’s usually display dual personalities.

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