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Zodiac Capricorn

Capricorn Characteristics- Overview

  • Vedic name: मकर (Makar)
  • Symbol: Crocodile
  • Ruling Planet: Saturn – शनि देव
  • Element: Earth
  • Character: Movable
  • Direction: South
  • Sex: Female
  • Caste: Vaishya
  • Nature: Saumya (Sober)
  • Part of KaalPurush: Knees
  • Rashi Gem: Blue Sapphire – Neelam (नीलम)
  • Favorable Color: Blue & Black
  • Auspicious Days: Saturday
  • Favorable Deity: Shani Dev
  • Fasting Day: Saturday
  • Favorable Number: Eight
  • Favorable Dates: 8-17-26
  • Friendly Sign: Aquarius
  • Enemy Sign: Leo
  • Specific Personality: Successful administrator, priestly, generous, helpful
  • Good Attitude: Hard-working, Logical, Practical
  • Negative Attitude: Suspicious, reserved & adamant

Capricorn Physical & Mental Traits

Capricorn Physical Mental Characteristics Zodiac Sign

The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn. Saturn is a malefic planet and its color is black. Often such people have dark complexion, flat nose, piercing eyes, of somewhat tall stature, agile and comparatively lean and thin. It is a movable and earthy sign. Its natural potential is seeking a high post. The people of Capricorn sign are violent in temperament, full of drive and initiative but rather cantankerous as well. They get angry rather gradually and the same way they get pacified. However, where they find themselves on a slippery ground they become docile also.

Normally, Capricorns are cool and collected persona with a large heart. They have compassion for others. A solemn thoughtfulness gets ever reflected from their face. Owing to their zest and drive, they succeed in achieving their worldly target as well. They possess infinite capacity for work which paves their way to success. Their sense of service and dutifulness for their society and country are always cheerful and they are ever eager to do their bit. By nature, courageous with fighting spirit, occasionally they also display indifference towards their duty.

So if you are born in this sign you will be a healthy and strong person with an idealistic outlook. You will love freedom to pursue your ideals. Music will interest you and may achieve a significant position in it. You will love to do your work intelligently and achieve success in your pursuits. You will be quite patriotic but display a magnanimous attitude even towards your enemies and rivals. Consequently, they would be influenced by you.

Capricorn Career And Finance

Capricorn Career

Studious and tenacious by temperament they love research work and often earn fame in society as an erudite scholar. Thus you shall be a scholar, large-hearted person, cool-headed with much talent for showing your Parakrama (personal excellence). You will take your decision after much deliberation. You are prone to making plans; though you will earn much, wealth may not stay with you for long.

That is why you will always feel hard-pressed for funds. Working with prudence and persistence you will achieve enough affluence and wealth and live happily. You shall be naturally drawn towards noble pursuits and will be known as a clever person. You will earn enough wealth to get reputation as well. Although you may have to struggle a lot in youth, you will live to enjoy comfort which you shall achieve by your hard work and live happily in your old age.

Capricorn Friends And Family

Capricorn Friends & Family.

Friends – Capricorn in brilliant, steady and dependable, this males people born in this sign faithful and very good friends, they are very supportive and would be the reason for the success of their friends. They don’t like to be around people who poke their noses in everything and are of doubtful towards them. Still, they establishes a clear view point, are humble and would follow their friends very faithfully. Their friend circle is never big but consists of honest and intelligent people. You will be the darling of your friends and relatives from whom you shall receive all benefit and cooperation

Family – They keep their memories about childhood preserve and reminisce whenever a joyful occasion like birthday or holidays are near. They are highly influenced by their father and this help built their personality and outlook. For your own father you will have much regards and shall be ever willing to render service to him. Your son will be an illustrious person who shall give you all regards and happiness. They present themselves as the most dominant figure in the household which at times may lead to conflicts. They love family traditions. They prove to be very responsible parents but are strict and fair.

Capricorn Love Life

Love life

You will have a much differences in the basic approach towards life with your spouse which may make your conjugal life rather bitter.

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