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Zodiac Cancer

Cancer Characteristics – Overview

  • Vedic name: कर्क (Kark)
  • Symbol: Crab
  • Ruling Planet: Moon – चन्द्र
  • Element: Water
  • Character: Movable
  • Direction: North
  • Sex: Female
  • Caste: Brahmin
  • Nature: Soumya(sober)
  • Part of KaalPurush: Chest
  • Rashi Gem: Pearl – Mukta (मुक्ता)
  • Favorable Color: White, cream
  • Auspicious Days: Monday
  • Favorable Deity: Lord Shiva
  • Fasting Day: Monday
  • Favorable Number: Two
  • Favorable Dates: 2-11-20-29
  • Friendly Sign: Scorpio, Pisces, Libra
  • Enemy Sign: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Capricorn, Aquarius
  • Specific Personality: Studious, emotional, efficient manager
  • Good Attitude: Always active, practical knowledge
  • Negative Attitude: Fault-finding, negative thoughts, quarrelsome

Cancer Physical & Mental Traits

Physical Mental Characteristics Zodiac Sign

The Moon is a cool and soft planet and it is believed to influence most the human mind. The people of Cancer, ruled by the Moon, are said to be very emotional and easily carried away by their sentiments. They are generally tall; compassionate and ever longing to move further.

Normally, such people are of quiet nature and discharge their duties determinedly. They are generally capable of earning enough physical comfort and facilities by their merit and hard work and enjoy them merrily. But they also have a feeling of patriotism and are committed to their social responsibilities.

Owing to Cancer being a feminine sign, such people are by nature fickle and hence they are unable to deal with all uniformly. Also, they get disturbed very soon; even a little disturbance is enough to upset them. Though they are talkative like ladies, they lose temper very soon. But they get pacified quite easily. Remember, that extreme sentimentality is quite a damaging trait for you.

Normally, Cancer people are fair complexioned with shining skin.

Cancer Career And Finance

Cancer Career

You will generally succeed in achieving your aim with much commitment and devotion to your work. Your personality will be attractive and people will be influenced by you. You will be interested in doing noble works. With devotion, you will try to complete them.

Your sense of duty shall be quite high to discharge your duties towards your country and society. Your traits will help you get a high post in the govt. or in the political field.

People with this zodiac sign do well in the field dealing with white objects—like white powder, cement, lime, building construction and in allied spheres or in cloth business. Such natives, due to Cancer being a water sign, take interest in agricultural operations and mechanical jobs or machines. If they are employed in the govt. organization, they look after waterworks department.

Your love for nature would be quite dominant for which you would like to visit these spots repeatedly. You will also be interested in music and arts and shall also manage to contribute in this field. Among your friends, who shall praise you will be an honored person. Thus, discharging your duties determinedly, you shall be a renowned person earning enough wealth and comforts to lead a comfortable life.

They also earn fame and prestige in their field of work.

Cancer Friends And Family

Friends & Family

Friends – People born in the sign Cancer are eager to make new friends but they will continue their friendship once approved by their old and trusted companions. They are very respectful towards others and thus communicate quite easily. They judge people on emotional levels rather than their status. They are fond of home and feel comfortable in a controlled environment, especially when it comes to intimate relations. Instinctive and emotional, you cannot analyze their personality with a logical view point. They are able to read the inner feelings of their colleagues and friends and receive honorable posts in the political field or in the govt.

Family – Cancer is the sign which upholds family life before anything. They care about home and family more than any other sign. Extremely emotional, they with care and conscientiousness safeguard their family and keep everyone together for years. They tends to be very good parents, can connect with their children on deep emotional levels, even when their kids are miles apart. They are very caring.

So, with the influence of your Moon-sign, Cancer will be able to discharge their worldly and family duties intelligently. Owing to your soft nature, you are always in loss when dealing with friends and others.

Cancer Love Life

Love life

Ever brimming with the feeling of love they display their guileless heart in the field of love.

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