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Zodiac Aquarius

Aquarius Characteristics – Overview

  • Vedic name: कुम्भ (Kumbh)
  • Symbol: Female Water Bearer
  • Ruling Planet: Saturn – शनि देव
  • Element: Airy Sign
  • Character: Immovable
  • Direction: West
  • Sex: Male
  • Caste: Shudra
  • Nature: Cruel
  • Part of KaalPurush: Legs
  • Rashi Gem: Blue Sapphire – Neelam (नीलम)
  • Favorable Color: Blue & Black
  • Auspicious Days: Saturday & Friday
  • Favorable Deity: Shani Dev
  • Fasting Day: Saturday
  • Favorable Number: Eight
  • Favorable Dates: 8-17-26
  • Friendly Sign: Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces
  • Enemy Sign: Aries, Cancer, Leo
  • Specific Personality: Truth finder, honest, popular
  • Good Attitude: Sensitive & Inventor
  • Negative Attitude: Changing Mind

Aquarius Physical & Mental Traits

Aquarius Physical Mental Characteristics Zodiac Sign

Ruled by Saturn, the Aquarius sign natives are generally hard working and self respecting who progress by dint of their tenacity and dedication to work.

The ruler of the sign Aquarius is Saturn which is a malefic planet of dark black (or blue black) complexion. So, the Aquarius people are of medium stature, dark, sallow complexion with sprouted nostrils and cheeks, huge body with a pot-bellied structure and a deep voice. Aquarius is a masculine fixed sign with the predominance of airy element. Its people are normally thoughtful, cool-headed and quite inventive by nature.

The symbol of Aquarius is a water-filled pitcher. Hence, its people have a roundish physique and deep, resonant voice. Such persons are flamboyant by nature, though hollow from inside but appear quite filled up outwardly.

Aquarius is a doubly powered sign, ruling over the western direction. This symbolizes the inside portions of the stomach.

Thus if you are an Aquarian, you will be an intelligent, strong and hard-working person, enjoying all material benefits and leading a happy and enjoyable life.

Aquarius Career And Finance


Endowed with a mysterious nature they manage to multiply their investment in business successfully. It is difficult to assess their true personality. They love taking risk and are quite adventurous. Bubbling with progressive and revolutionary ideas they often reject the orthodox views.

Such people are normally sound economically. They shall manage to earn enough to meet their requirements. Travel-lovers, they may spend much of their time and money on lavish journey and their basic nature can never be corrupted by even excessive income.

Aquarius Friends And Family

Aquarius Friends & Family

People born in the sign Aquarius are expressive but they need time to know and get close to people. They are emotionally extremely delicate, people close to them should always be on guard not to hurt their feelings.

Aquarius would sacrifice themselves for their loved ones. They possess a very strong outlook and are always in a rush, their behavior shows a sense of urgency. It is challenging to explain things in details to an Aquarius.

They are soft, sweet and virtuous persons but their weal-mess is their timidness or shyness, ever under some confusion that people are jealous of you. At times, for this reason, you pick quarrels even with strangers. This is a dangerous habit and you must get rid of it.

Their friends should be imaginative, thoughtful and intelligent and honest. They expect the same behavior from their family as from friends. They may not keep close ties with their relatives if they fail to meet their expectations.

Aquarius Love Life

Love life

Opposite gender is easily attracted towards you. You can easily impress your opposite gender. Such people may may marry more than once and may also have illicit affairs. Married life is not an easy road.

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