This year Saturn will be entering the third house of your zodiac. Thus, as per your “Saturn Transit Scorpio 2020” report there will be an increase in your influence and power this year. You will be the star at your workplace. The matters of promotion that had been stuck for a while will gain momentum. Your boss and officials will be pleased with your work. One thing that is important to remember is that do not get involved in any illegal work, and you will be spoilt. You will definitely have to work hard this year but you will also keep on achieving success.

Saturn Transit Scorpio 2020

You may also purchase something new this year. You will have to spend on the maintenance of your vehicles etc. The disputes with your brother related to loan, asset distribution, wealth distribution etc. will finally get solved. You may have to visit hospital due to ill health of an elder member of family. You will contact with new people. This year you will also perform certain tasks whose rewards will be received by you in the future.

Saturn Transit Scorpio 2020: You will take fresh and important decisions in your business. You will get blessings of your father and the elders of your house. Relation between husband and wife will be cordial. You may suffer from minor seasonal diseases from 11th May to 29th May. Be careful while mingling with strangers at your work place because you can also become a victim of some evil plan.

Scorpio 2020 Horoscope

For Scorpions this year will be progressive, and you will see an improvement in health. Though there will be influence of Saturn’s ‘sadhesaati’ (seven and half years) in the beginning of the year. However after 24th January Saturn will move into the third house and Saturn’s ‘sadhesaati’ will automatically exit from your zodiac. The clouds of crisis will also dissipate. The disease that has been there for some time, will come to an end. You will feel a lot of improvement in health. Read more »

Scorpio Characteristics

People born under the zodiac Scorpio are ardent and forceful. Firm and conclusive, Scorpio’s would analyze and scrutinize until they reach their aim and finds the truth. Scorpio’s are inventive & creative, ready for any situations and are quite resourceful. Scorpio’s are a great leader.

Being a water sign, Scorpio likes to feel and convey emotions naturally. Scorpio’s take secrets to their grave.

Scorpio is very envious, cynical and doubtful. Scorpio hates dishonesty. People born under the Zodiac sign Scorpio tends to look older than they actually is. As mentioned earlier Scorpio has excellent leadership qualities, this is because they are always very committed to their work. Read more »

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