This year Saturn will be moving in the second house of your horoscope, as per your “Saturn transit Sagittarius 2020” report. It will reach the second house on 24th January. The effect of Saturn’s ‘saddhesatti’ will be on your horoscope. It will make you travel a lot. The financial aspect can be a little negative because of it. Before money comes in, there will be ways for its exit. Your enemies can hatch conspiracies against you.

Saturn Transit Sagittarius 2020

Take special care of your food. There can be ups and downs in your health. The effect of saddhesatti is on your legs, so you can have problem with your legs. The health of a senior member can be low and you might have to take him to hospital. The activities of your children can make you tense and worried. You will make new plans, but they will not fructify. Between 11th May and 29th September Saturn will move in to an arc. During this period you can suffer a financial setback.

Saturn transit Sagittarius 2020: A land related dispute will not be resolved. Some act might take place by your hands that will bring you dishonor and a bad name. Students will not be able to pay attention to their studies. You can destroy your career by getting into love affairs. You need to focus seriously on your objectives. Take measures to appease Saturn so that you get relief from Saturn’s ‘saddhesatti’.

Sagittarius 2020 Horoscope

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius will be affected by Saturn’s ‘saddhesatti’. In this year you will have to work hard and struggle in every aspect of your life. On one hand there will be ups and downs in your health, and on the other hand you will also not get very good results in financial matters. There can be serious consequences of lapses in health. Do not be lax in matters like blood pressure, blood sugar, heart disease, etc. regular medical check-ups, dietary habits, exercise and medicines. Read more »

Sagittarius Characteristics

The ruler of the sign, Sagittarius, Jupiter makes its natives target-oriented, intelligent and endowed with administrative acumen. Hence, such natives have these qualities of high order and in abundance. Without seeking any returns you keep on obliging others as serving humanity is your basic aim. You shall participate in social spheres with much enthusiasm. Its natural inclination is towards domination, authority and being liberal-hearted and protagonist of staying within limits. Read more »

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