There will be an effect of Saturn on Libra this year. From 24th January, Saturn will enter the fourth house of your zodiac. Thus, Saturn transit Libra 2020, there will be carelessness in your work. Drive your vehicles safely and carefully. After some time, you will work extremely hard in your job this year. Chances of promotion are also seen but due to your opponents, problems will arise in these situations at the last moment.

Saturn Transit Libra 2020

Despite your hard work and efforts, the results of these efforts will be less. This year you will join a group with a new and unique perspective and thought process. Most of your time will be spent in social welfare works. You will be disappointed with your friends and relatives. Court related matters will get sorted out. However your political work will be delayed. As a Libra, you will be better at striking a balance between happiness and sadness; profit and loss etc. this year.

From 11th May till 29th September due to the movement of Saturn, chances of financial losses are there or your money can get stuck somewhere. However you will meet some influential and important person this year. Saturn transit Libra 2020: You will sort out your daily activities and work with the help of your intelligence and planning. Take care of what you eat during travelling. You will search for scope of expansion in your business but the planning and ideas for the expansion will get stretched. You will become interested in some other works.

You can also get betrayed in a partnership. Your enemies and opponents can create such a situation which will be unfavorable for you. To reduce the wrath of Saturn you can use Saturn Silence.

Libra 2020 Horoscope

This year will be of mixed reactions for Libra. At the beginning of the year Saturn is located in the third house and from 24th January Saturn will move into the fourth house and initiate Saturn’s dhaiya (two and half years). Thus health will keep fluctuating. Conditions at work will not be good. You shall have to face challenges at every step. Problems related to stomach, backache etc. may trouble you. Casual attitude towards health will be dangerous. Read more »

Libra Characteristics

Ruler of Libra is Venus, the planet of glamour and beauty. Such natives have the ability to strike balance within the negative and positive attribution.

The symbol of this sign is the balance. The balance weighs two things to determine which is heavier. That is why the people of this sign are experts in weighing the pros and cons of any issue. Read more »

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