The Saturn will be at the sixth house this year. The Saturn transit Leo 2020 at the sixth house destroys enemies. Thus, the end of your enemies and opponents is definite. There will be situations of profit and benefits in your business. There is also a possibility of buying a new item in your house. There will be an increase in luxuries. You will get the support of you colleagues and friends. The results of court cases will be in your favor this year.

Saturn Transit Leo 2020

From 11th May, 2020, there will be a change in the position of the Saturn. During this time, the health of a family member may degrade. Despite your efforts and hard work in your business you will not receive that much profit or benefits.

Saturn transit Leo 2020: Political matters can also get entangled during this time. There are scopes of you being promoted in your job. This year, you will kind and polite towards other people. You will also form plans for the expansion of your business. You may get inspired or guided by a big official or a person in politics.

Ongoing feuds with your brothers, especially asset related feuds will get solved in the presence of a third party. There will be many chances of travelling. This year, you may form plans for travelling to a religious place. Keep an eye on the activities of your partner if you are in a partnership. Do not trust anyone in the matters of money. Also do not give loan to anyone. I will also advice you to drive your vehicles safely this year. For the peace of Saturn use Shani Yantra.

Leo 2020 Horoscope

2020 will be a year full of opportunities. You will continuously receive one opportunity after another. From the point of view of health too, this year will be good. Moreover you may become free from some chronic ailment too. At the start of this year, 5 planets will be at the fifth house of your zodiac which means that some important and fortunate events related to your child will take place this year. Read more »

Leo Characteristics

Owing to Leo being owned by the king of the planets, Sun, it bestows a shine of manly authority and hence its people are fearless, large-hearted and a little proud or arrogant persons. They are strong, courageous yet patient people. Since the Sun represents the soul force, these people are invariably self- confident.

Even in the worst circumstances they never say die. Owing to their self-confidence and determination they achieve their desired objectives in life. They are generally endowed with all physical comforts and lead a happy and comfortable life. Read more »

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