This year “Saturn transit Gemini 2020” will be in the eighth house of your zodiac. This will definitely affect your zodiac. From 24th January, Saturn will start creating obstacles and challenges for you at your work. If you trust anyone during this year then the results will be unfavourable. Keep an eye on each activity of your partner. You may become disappointed with your relatives or people close to you because they may criticize you.

Saturn Transit Gemini 2020

From 11th May till 29th September, the Saturn will be at move again. During this period, the conditions of your health can be low. You will have to visit hospital quite frequently. Do not mingle with strangers or unknown people at job otherwise you may become a victim to someone’s evil plan. Drive your vehicles safely too. Your financial conditions will be satisfactory; you will gain money but it will not remain with you for long. Outflow will be ready before its inflow.

Keep going for checkups for diseases like stomach related ailments, blood pressure, sugar, heart disease otherwise the results of your carelessness can be dangerous. Saturn transit Gemini 2020: From 29th September the positioning of Saturn will provide some relief but the overall effects of Saturn will still last.

There will be some opposition from your family. During this time, the area of your contacts will increase but they will not be of any use. Use safety measures like wearing a helmet in bike, safety belt during car driving. To reduce the negative effects of Saturn, donate food items like puri-sabji prepared in oil and learn ‘Shanimudrika’. Saturn transit Gemini 2020

Gemini 2020 Horoscope

he year 2020 will not be so great for Gemini in terms of achievements. This year you will have to face challenges at every step. This year, the influence of Saturn’s dhaiya will be prominent on your zodiac. Due to the dhaiya of the eighth house, there will be ups and downs in your health and you may also suffer from skin diseases. Read more »

Gemini Characteristics

The people of this sign, Gemini, are generally modest, liberal and jovial and their intelligence reflects from their face. They are self-respecting and endowed with much physical comforts and affluence.

Since they are the people of the dual sign, they are able to see all the aspects of any issue and take their steps after weighing all the pros and cons judiciously. This sign, Gemini, gets strength during daytime, has limited progeny and a lax body. Such people rarely lose their temper and they maintain a solemn and serious composure. Read more »

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