This year the effect of Saturn’s ‘Sadhesatti’ will be there on those born under Capricorn as per “Saturn Transit Capricorn 2020” analysis. Although the owner of your horoscope is also Saturn, and those born under the sign of Capricorn have less problems with Saturn because it is orbiting in its own house. You should be careful about your health. This year you can suffer from allergies, stomach related problems and blood related problems. Take special care of your diet. Include yoga, exercise and walking in your daily routine. Someone close to your can betray you.

Saturn Transit Capricorn 2020

Do not trust anyone in money matters. Some deal or order can be cancelled in your business. Keep a sharp eye on the activities of your enemies and foes. Take your job seriously, otherwise you may have to face the wrath of your senior or boss. There are chances of demotion and transfer against your wishes. Whatever you do for anyone will not gain you any credit.

Saturn Transit Capricorn 2020: There are chances of getting money in business. Your own people can betray you. Drive vehicle carefully. There will be some obstacles at your work place. You may suffer problems related to Govt. and Tax etc. So be careful.

Capricorn 2020 Horoscope

This year will be full of struggles and challenges despite all the achievements. While on one hand Saturn will be in its own house, you will also be under the effect of ‘Saddhesatti’. Although your health will be comparatively better but you will be very busy, because of which there might be minor health issues and seasonal illnesses. These can include stomach-ache, cold and cough, etc. On 24th January Saturn will enter your horoscope while rotating. Read more »

Capricorn Characteristics

The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn. Saturn is a malefic planet and its color is black. Often such people have dark complexion, flat nose, piercing eyes, of somewhat tall stature, agile and comparatively lean and thin. It is a movable and earthy sign. Its natural potential is seeking a high post. The people of Capricorn sign are violent in temperament, full of drive and initiative but rather cantankerous as well. They get angry rather gradually and the same way they get pacified. However, where they find themselves on a slippery ground they become docile also. Read more »

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