This year from 24th January, Saturn transit Cancer 2020 will move into seventh house from your zodiac. Saturn’s planetary rotation will bring mixed results. There is a Yog of improvement in health. Your efforts and hard work will be fruitful and positive. There is a possibility of acquiring new post and recognition as “Saturn transit Cancer 2020” analysis. There may remain tension filled atmosphere in the family at times. The health of some elderly person in the family will be little down. Business and financial aspect will be favorable. New investments will prove beneficial. Friends will co-operate with you.

Saturn Transit Cancer 2020

Government and court matters will remain hanging in mid air. The opponents will be dominating, however they will not be succeed. At this time boss and seniors will remain satisfied with your work. You will make contacts with some political person. Due to rotation of Saturn in the seventh house, the health of husband or wife may get down.

Saturn transit Cancer 2020: Cooperation and support of friends will be there. You will get partial success in the task pending for a long time. You need to be careful in your job, though you shall get the desired support from your officers and colleagues. However be careful in your behavior with strangers.

Cancer 2020 Horoscope

This year will be favourable. You will receive financial opportunities and there is no forecast or chances of you acquiring serious problems in your health. This year, the movement of Saturn from the sixth house will guide your path to monetary benefits. From 24th January 2020, Saturn will move into the seventh house of Cancer which may cause some small misunderstandings to be formed among family members. This year you may face seasonal diseases like cough, fever, cold etc. Favorable situations and opportunities will be formed in work this year. Read more »

Cancer Chracteristics

The Moon is a cool and soft planet and it is believed to influence most the human mind. The people of Cancer, ruled by the Moon, are said to be very emotional and easily carried away by their sentiments. They are generally tall; compassionate and ever longing to move further.

Normally, such people are of quiet nature and discharge their duties determinedly. They are generally capable of earning enough physical comfort and facilities by their merit and hard work and enjoy them merrily. But they also have a feeling of patriotism and are committed to their social responsibilities. Read more »

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