This year the effect of Saturn’s ‘Saddhesatti’ will be there. The orbit of Saturn in the 12th house will create mental tension as per the “Saturn Transit Aquarius 2020” report. Expenditure will also be more. For this year I will say that you should cut down your expenditure, keep control over extravagance, otherwise you might have to take a loan. You should also be conscious for your health. Keep a control over your daily routine and diet, etc. Number of contacts will increase, but that will not be of much use.

Saturn Transit Aquarius 2020

You will make a lot of efforts for earnings and work expansion, but the result will not be there. The dispute for sharing of property between brothers will get more tangled. Cases related to courts will get delayed.

Saturn Transit Aquarius 2020: There will be more work in your job but less results. Keep some distance from social and welfare works, or you might have to face dishonor and ill-name. You will help someone in need. Despite being busy, you will take out time for your loved ones. You will have to work very hard to take out money that was stuck somewhere.

Before making investments in land, buildings etc. check the documents carefully. Despite doing very good work with your intelligence, you may not get the expected results. You should take the remedial measures for getting over the effects of Saturn’s ‘Saddhesatti’.

Aquarius 2020 Horoscope

This year the ‘Saddhsatti’ of Saturn is going to fall on your horoscope. In the beginning of the year, Saturn will be in 11th house and on 24th January it will come to the 10th house and the effect of ‘Saddhesatti’ will begin. Health problems will start one after the other. One chronic illness can cause problems; because of less immunity there will be ups and downs in your health. You will work very hard in your business. There will be a lot of tension in your career. You will have to struggle a lot. Read more raquo;

Aquarius Characteristics

Ruled by Saturn, the Aquarius sign natives are generally hard working and self respecting who progress by dint of their tenacity and dedication to work.

The ruler of the sign Aquarius is Saturn which is a malefic planet of dark black (or blue black) complexion. So, the Aquarius people are of medium stature, dark, sallow complexion with sprouted nostrils and cheeks, huge body with a pot-bellied structure and a deep voice. Aquarius is a masculine fixed sign with the predominance of airy element. Its people are normally thoughtful, cool-headed and quite inventive by nature. Read more »

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