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8th House

Laghu-Parashari suggests that due to 12th from 9th house, 8th house lord is malefic but if it becomes 1st lord also then it starts giving auspicious results. If 9th lord or 10th lord is associated with 8th lord then this yoga is not very good. If 8th lord or 11th lord gets associated with any Kendra-Trikon association then this good yoga weakens.

12th lord, 2nd lord and 8th lord are neither benefice nor malefic. These become so according to their next sign. 2nd lord is more powerful then 12th lord and 8th lord is most powerful of all. 8th lord is not good if it is 3rd lord, 7th lord or 11th lord also but if it is 1st lord, 5th lord or 9th lord also then it is good.

From 8th house we see longevity, war, enemies, research and analysis, occult sciences, property gained by will, hidden treasure etc… If research, occult sciences and will property are seen from here then it becomes useful also. If 8th lord is in 6th house, 8th house or 12th house then native enjoys wealthy long life Thus it is not wise to be afraid of 8th lord or the 8th House of a horoscope. Sometimes it also becomes useful.