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Astrology articles covering the vast subject of “Jyotish”. Vedic astrology or Jyotish is one of the 6 “Vedangas”, i.e parts of the Veda. The others being: Vyakaran, Jyotish(ज्योतिष), Nirukt, Shikcha , Chand and Kalp Sutras. There are different philosophical and astronomical perspective on Vedic astrology and thus many scholars in ancient and modern times have discussed this differences in detail, in their literary works. Here you will find the most relevant astrology articles on subject that holds helpful guidance and resolutions.

Vedic Astrology Jyotish

Vedic Astrology – Jyotish (ज्योतिष)

Vedic Astrology or Jyotish is an ancient Vedic predictive system which can reveal one’s past, present and future. Indian astrology has its roots in Vedas, the ancient Vedic scriptures and is famous for the accuracy in predicting the events of one’s life… Read more »

Panchang - Vedic astrology almanac

Panchanga – पंचांग

The word Panchang literally means five parts, Panch translates to Five and Ang or Anga translates to parts, hence Five Parts of a day. This five parts of Panchang are… Read more »

Planets graha - Vedic astrology

Planets – ग्रह

The Indian astrology considers the movement of two luminaries namely the Sun and the Moon, five major planets (Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter) and the two nodal points of the Moon i.e Rahu and Ketu… Read more »

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra

The science and art of vastu shastra ensures optimum utilization of positive energies and deflection of negative energies for peace, prosperity and growth. Vastu is a vedic science pertaining to cosmic architecture… Read more »


Matchmaking & Compatibility – Vedic Astrology

Astrology can help to match horoscopes after studying for individuals regarding their longevity, harmony, happiness, prosperity, progeny and mutual agreement as well as Dasha sequences to follow. Vedic Astrology and “Matchmaking or Ashtakoot Vichar” can help the couple decide their future prospects together… Read more »



Numerology is the study of Numbers and their influence on individuals. Numerology consists of study of numbers and their effects from 1 to 9 except 0… Read more »

Mantra for different planets

Mantra for different planets

An essential part of devotion is Mantra, for the Hindu devotee, making a spiritual connection with the divine.Malefic affects of planets can be reduced saying mantras of such planets… Read more »


Gemstones and their effects

In Vedic astrology, gemstones are recommended based on your horoscope. It is believed that by wearing these prescribed gemstones, obstacles can be reduced. Wearing a certain gemstone may turn your love life and career around so you can have a fulfilling relationship… Read more »

Astrology & education

Astrology & Education

It is very important for everyone to know which field will be beneficial for education for us. Many times it happens that we keep struggling in those subjects which are not for us and nothing is gained… Read more »

8th House

8th House of Horoscope

The 8th House of the horoscope in Vedic astrology is always viewed with fear. The configuration of planets during a individuals birth signifies the effect of the 8th house. It’s not wise to be afraid of the 8th house… Read more »

Remedies - Vedic astrology

Remedial Solutions – Vedic Astrology

Our ancient saints and seers developed the concept of remedial measures to mitigate and in many cases to nullify the effects of the evil affliction and malefic effects of the planets. They developed remedies like use of Gemstones, Mantras, Japas, Homas, Poojas, Donations, Yantras, Amulets, Invocations etc to deflect the evil effect of the planets… Read more »