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A happy married life requires a happy family too. Becoming parents is the most blissful thing for a happy couple. You want to get the opportunity to hold a life in your hand and nurture it. To relive your childhood through your children.

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Progeny Predictions

There are many factors that act as obstacles in conceiving – progeny, medical and astrological. Even when there is nothing physically wrong with the couple they are still obstructed to be blessed with a child. You want to become a proud, happy parents.

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Find out the astrological reasons behind your progeny. What factors are suitable or obstructing in having a child. Are there compatibility issues in the birth charts of the couple? When can you expect to be blessed with parenthood? What spiritual remedies can solve your problem?

Astrologer Rahul Gupta will help you, guide you using the ancient Hindu astrology. You will know your “Progeny prospects”. As a couple you desire a happy blissful life and you must pursue it.

Progeny Prediction Features

  • This prediction report talk about strength of the horoscope on progeny, is conception and children indicated?
  • Problems you may face in having a child?
  • Will the pregnancy be without problems? When to expect your new born?
  • How happy your child will be in his/her life? and What are the enhancement and remedies?
  • How Nakshatra, Rashi, gandant, balarisht etc effect the child’s health. On the basis of aforesaid calculations we analyze the health conditions of your child. Which disease he may suffer during this period and what periods should he remain careful.
  • Remedies necessary for safety and growth of your child.

Your birth charts holds the remedy for such a situation in addition to the medical aid you take. Astrologer Jyotish kovid Rahul Gupta will analyze both of your horoscopes and give you answers and remedies.

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