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Sometimes it so happens that the tasks one wishes to perform right, turn out to be total failures. You plan a luxurious holiday trip, and things start falling apart owing to accidents, ill health etc.


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Muhurtha Predictions

After buying your new house, various negative incidents follow that make you tensed and worried. Performing the tasks at the correct time is of prime significance. The most beneficial Muhurtha

We offer a detail insight into your life happenings and events, auspicious Muhurtha related to health, finance, business, career, romance and marriage etc. The exact and accurate timing of happening of these events is very important for good and successful results.

Find out the most auspicious day, time or date for your important occasions. Get an insight into the actual significance of muhurat and various combinations for finding out the auspicious muhurta of any particular event. Astro Muhurtha Predictions by Astrologer Rahul Gupta

Different Muhurtha Predictions

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Muhurtha Purchasing House & Vechicle

Owing a house is a dream of everyone in life. A house can bring your best time in life if purchased at the right time.

Your success largely depends upon the time when you bought your house.

Many a times vehicles also become very lucky for a person.

You would also want to own such a vehicle which might be lucky for you.

Price: $10 | ₹701

Muhurtha for getting Married

Which is the best time to get married so that your marriage life continues happily for long life?

Price: $15 | ₹1,051

Election Muhurta

If you are standing in elections, we can help you to find the most appropriate time to fill up the nomination form so that your winning chances increase.

Price: $25 | ₹1,741

Business Muhurta

If you are going to start a small scale or large scale business you must be interested in knowing when to start the business to get maximum returns on your capital.


If you are starting your business and want to invest a huge capital in it, then you must know the best time to start it so that it goes on increasing and never face a downfall

Price: $15 | ₹1,051

Construction Muhurta

If you want to start the construction of a complex or a society then you must know the best time to start its construction that it may stand for hundreds of years.

Price: $25 | ₹1,741

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