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Ashtakoot Vichar or Guna Milap or Matchmaking of the 8 aspects is comparing the 8 aspects prescribed by Vedic astrology, the necessary qualities for these 8 aspects are obtained from an individual’s Janma Nakshatra (Moon Star/Asterism) and the division of the same as well as moon sign.

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Matchmaking Predictions

Motivating force & activating desire are the main factors of a good relationship, and among relationships, marriage is of utmost importance because its bearing is much beyond the two partners. This is where Vedic Astrology and “Matchmaking” can help the couple decide their future prospects together.

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Matchmaking or “Ashtakoot vichar“, astrologically, signifies that we cannot choose our partners. It looks absurd because doesn’t it seem that we are free to choose from among-st the various options available?

But the truth is not what we just see. The truth is that we select or attracted towards the one whom our body chemistry responds positively.

Vedic astrology explains the above mentioned matchmaking aspects in the following manner

The 8 aspects for AshtaKoot or Guna Milap or Matchmaking are as follows:
  1. Varna : Matching of the castes
  2. Vashya : Attraction
  3. Tara : Longevity of either
  4. Yoni : Nature and characteristics
  5. Graha Maitri : Natural friendship
  6. Gan : Mental Compatibility
  7. Bhakoot : Relative influence of one on the other
  8. Nadi : possibility of progeny, child birth

Astrology can help to match horoscopes after studying for individuals regarding their longevity, harmony, happiness, prosperity, progeny and mutual agreement as well as Dasha sequences to follow.

In our opinion there are many major aspects, which are relevant, when it comes to matching of two horoscopes for the purpose of marriage.

  • Longevity
  • Mangalik Dosh (Malefic Mars)
  • Mentality
  • Nature
  • Progeny or ability to give birth to children
  • Health
  • Separative Tendencies

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