2020 Numerology Horoscope
The solar system has nine celestial objects that influences us : Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. In India, the eighth and ninth planets are called Rahu and Ketu which in the West are called Uranus and Neptune. These nine planets are represented by nine numerals. The numerals after 9 are said to be the repetition of these basic numbers. The single-digit numeral is said to be the basic number and hence, they are called Basic Numbers. All numbers above nine are reduced to the single digit.

Devjyotish brings to you 2020 numerology horoscope, your luck in the year 2020 determined by your basic number. If your birthday is on 23rd then your basic number is definitely 5.

No. 1’s Luck in the Year 2020

2020 Numerology Horoscope number 1
The number 1 represents the Sun. The 9 digits were formed out of this number only. It is the base for all numbers. This number is the symbol of creativity. Those who have been born on 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th have 1 as their ruling number. Those born under this number are stubborn, strong willed and proud.

They are capable of removing all obstacles coming in their path. Such people always finish the tasks they undertake. They can go to any limits to achieve their goal. Those people governed by number 1 are highly ambitious and don’t like to be controlled or dominated. Whichever work area they enter, they exert the control and authority of number 1. They are fond of their own leadership. If we see their negative aspect, then such people trust others easily and most often they get cheated. Their lucky day is Sunday and lucky color is Red. Those who are ruled by number 1 should exercise some control over their nature.

2020 Numerology Horoscope Number 1

The ruling number of 2020 is 4 and your ruling number is 1. 2020 numerology horoscope thus predicts that the master of number 1 is Sun and that of number 4 is Uranus. Number 1 & 4 are friends and compatible. Hence, this year your health will improve. Favorable conditions will be created in business and trade. Financially you will achieve new gains regularly. Money will flow but you need to be careful about it. Do not lend money to anyone. Decisions related to property cases will be in your favor. Any judicial matter that was entangled in high courts and lower courts, will be resolved gradually with someone’s intervention. You will work hard in your job and you will also get the desired results.

2020 numerology horoscope predicts you will succeed in growing your business by the use of modern technology. Chances of promotion in job. You will get good news in love relationships but you may spoil your career by getting entangled in these romantic escapades. Be a little cautious and alert. Students will focus on their studies. A situation of any festivity or marriage etc. may be created. You might get an opportunity to meet some important or inspirational person this year which will change the direction of your life. Practice control over your anger and impulsiveness, take major decisions after giving them a lot of thought. Decisions taken impulsively may yield fatal results.