Zodiac Characteristics and Qualities

Zodiac Characteristics & Qualities

Know about your personality, love life, Career path, Business prospects, Financial success, which signs are your friends and your favorite color, direction, day and lots more.

What is Astrology as per Veda?

Vedic Astrology or Jyotisha is an ancient Vedic predictive system which can reveal one’s past, present and future.

Indian astrology has its roots in Vedas, the ancient Vedic scriptures and is famous for the accuracy in predicting the events of one’s life. This astrology system is flourished from thousands of years in India and a core part of Indian society. Read More »
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Astrologer Jyotish Kovid

Astrologer Rahul Gupta has been imparting astrological guidance for the benefit of people more than 18 years.
Astrologer Jyotish Kovid Rahul Gupta


Finance Predictions

Get the finance DNA of your horoscope deciphered by Astrologer Jyotishkovid Rahul Gupta

Love Life

All the factors that makes a relationship strong or weak, long lasting or was it never meant to be in the first place, will frienship turn to love or love will lead to marriage.

Marriage Predictions

Compatibility between you and your spouse, what factors are affecting (if any) arguments between the couple, progeny prospects, level of physical satisfaction between the couples and lots more. Is there Mangal Dosha in one or both the horoscopess. 
Finance Predictions
Career Predictions
Love Life Predictions
Marriage Predictions

Career Predictions

One should do job or business. Which field is best suitable for him? Best period to start business/profession or when will you get a job?
Varshaphal / Annual 2014 Predictions

2014 Prediction

This prediction report will give you an overview of your life for a year on all Major aspects during 2014

Free Numerology Predictions

Find out your life source number and how it can help you. Also get to know your 2014 horoscope as per numerology for your life source number

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Astrologer Jyotish Kovid Rahul Gupta
Astrologer Rahul Gupta has been imparting astrological guidance for the benefit of people more than 18 years.  Consult Now


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